As an innovative system partner, ADITOR meets the ever-growing demands of the industry with high-performance automation systems. Our assembly lines provide maximum availability and are very easy to maintain. In our design concepts, we rely on market-leading automation, drive and robot systems. When linking third-party components, such as identification systems, scanners or laser processing systems, the latest bus systems and relevant protocols are chosen for use according to individual customer requirements.

Future-proof design concepts

At ADITOR we have been dealing with the topic of instrumentation and control for years. As early as 2009, we were able to implement type-specific transmission of complete orders with batch sizes and all the necessary variances to our control system, which made it possible to control and coordinate each order in a targeted manner. In the meantime, linking to higher-level database systems has gained in importance. In automation technology, however, the connection of instrumentation and control technology is by no means standard. If required, we will gladly take on this task, with all our experience.



ADITOR systems make an effective contribution to quality assurance. The production data that is generated in the course of assembly and testing processes is collected and, if required, is sent to the higher-level system so that it is possible to track an individual part at any time.


Where complex systems are involved, we are happy to assist at any time to find solutions.


Stefan Thiel

Managing Director
Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Tel.: 06838 / 862-190

Bertram Großmann 

Project controlling, sales
State-certified technician 

Tel.: 06838 / 862-163

Siegfried Schömer

Technical Director
Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Tel.: 06838 / 862-142