Location: Saarbrücken, Germany

Year: 2017

Project description: Saint-Gobain PAM is one of the fifty largest industrial companies in the world and produces piping systems for water transport and wastewater disposal at the Saarbrücken site. Extension of the paint shop from one to four painting robots in Hall 1 has been helping to reduce paint consumption since 2017. Since then, a new robot has taken over interior painting of the pipes, while two more have taken care of accurately painting the pipe ends. This allows significant savings in terms of material, since only a part of the pipe is now treated in the spray booth, where large areas are sprayed generously. Fifty centimetres at the ends of each pipe are now left to the new robots, which can handle the paint much more economically. To achieve the highest possible precision, cameras are used to adjust the spray heads. Among other things, ADITOR implemented interface connections between the cameras, the plant control system (a PNOZ Multi from Pilz) and the robots. As planned, installation, connection and commissioning of the new components was accomplished in only three weeks, during the annual plant closure.


Stephan Wilhelm



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