New logistic center

Location: Rastede, Germany

Year: 2019-2020

The old hall is connected to the new hall via a bridge. ADITOR has already carried out projects in the old hall. These are the projects "return sorter" and its feed as well as distribution via a lifter on three floors, in the incoming goods area the goods are delivered and registered via RFID tunnels and distributed to different lanes where the goods are unpacked and further processed. ADITOR also realised the project "Extension of the connection to the return sorter and distribution on three floors". ADITOR was commissioned as general contractor for all of the above projects, which were realised with our partner REMA TEC GmbH from Bruchsal-Büchenau and the Interroll Group. In the "New Hall", the goods are fed from the "Old Hall" via a bridge. The centrepiece is the sorter with 150 end points that distributes 7200 parts per hour. The infeed and outfeed mainly consist of new conveyor technology. Approx. 680 EC5000 roller drives, 110 belt lift converters, 60 GBF and curves, 60 cylinders for locks are installed. In addition, there is used conveyor technology provided by the customer. In total, these are approx. 70 Rollerdrive EC310 and 40 GBF (belt conveyors). Two F-CPUs S7-1500 were used for control as well as three mobile panels for operating the manual mode and for troubleshooting. The emergency stop concept could also be flexibly realised via these fail-safe CPUs. The PLC communicates with the MFC (material flow computer) at 140 reporting points. At 35 reporting points, the boxes are read with scanners to get to the right places. The boxes pass through 2 RFID tunnels in which the goods are recorded. The goods are then fed to an automatic invoice printer. Communication with the PLC is realised at all points. To distinguish the boxes from the polypacks, two 3D vision trispectors are used. The goods are unregistered at two scanner portals before they reach the customer. The cardboard packaging is fed to another sorter via a strapper or transported directly to the five truck loading ramps. The throughput varies and ranges from 900 to 3200 containers per hour. In future, the bags for small orders will be fed to another bag sorter that can achieve a throughput of 4500 packages per hour. This will have to provide the feed via four strands in addition.


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Scope of our services

  • Control S7-1500F F-CPU
  • F-CPU
  • Development environment TIA V15
  • WinCC flexible
  • Sick identification systems
  • Sick 3D Vision Trispectors
  • Strapper interface
  • Interface RFID Tunnel
  • Interface invoice printer • Interface sorter control
  • Communication MFC (material flow computer)
  • Interroll drives
  • SEW Drive Technology


Markus Klingler 

Project management
State-certified technician 

Tel.: 06838 / 862-148